Not without collateral damage. …

So here I am, writing a BLOG?!  Wait,  do you know who I am? I guess I’d better start there…..

My name is Alicia. I’m a wife. My husband Dj and I have been together since 2009! 

A mom. I was blessed to have a beautiful son who’s now 4 1/2, named Gunnar.

I’m a bikini designer, but due to debilitating fibromyalgia, had to close my business. 

Yes, that IS two-time America’s Next Top Model contestant and one-time winner Lisa D’Amato, and recently on Marriage Boot Camp, in one of my swimsuits. …cool right? She’s incredibly funny, and sweet. We also filmed a tv show together, MANY years ago called Rad Girls in Balboa Park that was on MavTv and FUSE tv for a short time. It was the female version of JackAss. No, that is not me in the diaper, barfing up hot sauce. I’m in the gym socks dropping off water. …Yuck. 

I’m a super DIY’er. I love making things from scratch! And those things are what led me here. To this blog. Oh, and I was also on the TV show Botched. It was a whirlwind of back to back surgeries, green screen interviews, camera crews, and being shown in EVERY MAGAZINE ON THE STANDS for MONTHS! 10 seconds of fame. ..from which I’ve been able to attend some cool events, and make some pretty cool, fellow Reality Tv’ers which will be highlighted in my upcoming blogs! From celebrity chefs, to survivalists! 

Recently we moved from the city, into the sticks. Shock for some. Heaven for us. I feel like a city charmed-Pioneer Woman over here. … 

This is the GORGEOUS view of my neighbors’ horse Luke from the top of our 1 acre property. Not too shabby, right?! What a LOOKER! 😍 

So. ..I think that wraps it up. Now onto some bloggin’!! 


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